How do I get an invoice for my shipping charges ?

After you have completed your shipping request payment , your invoice will be available as you return to our website.

What is volumetric weight ?

Volumetric weight is used by the airline industry to determine the exact amount of space on the aircraft a particular shipment will take up versus its actual weight.

example A ton of feathers and a ton of lead both weigh a ton but would take up very different amounts of space on the aircraft.

Can I buy items in the UK with a non UK credit card ?

AlfaSent will show the prices in £ Sterling however we can also provide the prices in your chosen currency just make sure you choose your home currency from the convert to currency drop down list.

Which currency will I be charged in ?

Alfasent will show the prices in £ Sterling however we can also provide the prices in your chosen currency just make sure you choose your home currency from the convert to currency drop down list.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes ?

AlfaSent will only ever charge our members for the delivery of their purchases. Under no circumstances will AlfaSent pay for or charge our members for the duties and taxes that may be due on the receipt of the shipment. These charges will be assessed by your local customs authorities and billed separately by them directly to the receiver. For further information on customs charges and how they may apply to your country please click here

How do I track my shipment ?

To track your shipment simply click on the tracking number from your Package Management System, or use the tracking tool on this page.

Do I need to prepare any customs paperwork ?

Once you have selected the packages you would like to have sent, we will prepare the necessary customs invoices on your behalf as per the information you provide. We will provide guidance with regards to customs clearance and aid in delivery to your door.

Shipments to Russia

For all Russian shipments the package can only be sent to a business address for the purposes of business. Shipments can only be sent to St Petersburg or Moscow. Please note that insurance is not available on services to Russia. Please contact Russian customs for more information about exporting your commodity to Russia.

How long will delivery take ?

AlfaSent will despatch your items within 24 business hours using your chosen service. Transit times vary around the world but would usually be between 1-5 working days. We recommend using our Quote Tool to obtain more information.

Which items can AlfaSent not ship ?

Please click on the link below to see a list of prohibited items. We do also advise that you check with your local customs authorities to make sure that your items will be accepted into your chosen country. We will advise you when we receive a prohibited item and it is then your responsibility to have the item returned or provide a UK delivery address. List of Prohibited Items

What happens if you receive my items damaged ?

If we receive your goods into our warehouse and we find they are damaged, you will be notified immediately via your Package Management System and the parcel received e-mail confirmation we send you. This will describe the damage and show you pictures of how it was received. You should then contact the merchant you purchased from to determine the cause of action you need to take to have the item returned to them.

Can I describe my items as gifts , even if they are not, to avoid Duties and Taxes ?

No. That is illegal and could result in long delays and even greater charges.

Can I exchange my items once AlfaSent has received them ?

You will need to contact your merchant to arrange the exchange/return policy and any code numbers etc that need to be provided. AlfaSent can return your items to the merchant once organised. We will charge you for the shipping plus a £5.00 administration fee, if this service is not provided by your merchant.