AlfaSent will only ever charge our members for the delivery of their purchases.

Under no circumstances will AlfaSent pay for or charge our members for the duties and taxes that may be due on the receipt of the shipment.These charges will be assessed by your local customs authorities and billed separately by them directly to the receiver.

Only the relevant Customs authority can advise on applicable Customs charges for a given shipment. Any Customs questions you have regarding your parcel shipment should be directed to them.

For further information on customs charges and how they may apply to your country please click here

If Customs are unable to contact the intended receiver, the goods will be either held until contact is made, abandoned, destroyed or returned at the senders cost. Obtaining Customs assistance prior to shipping can also prove useful in parts of the world where corruption exists. In such countries, there can be inconsistency of the amount of Customs charges levied on your parcel.

The odds of this happening to your parcel could be reduced if a letter from their Head Office, stating what the correct charges are, is included within the attached documents travelling with your parcel.

If obtained please forward this to along with your AlfaSent address.