AlfaSent has been a leader in worldwide shipping and purchase forwarding to more than 220 countries and territories since 1985.

We provide access to UK retailers and the growing marketplace of EBay sellers through a network of online services and global transportation systems second to none.

With our buying power with the world’s largest delivery companies we can pass to our members huge discounts on their worldwide shipping costs as well as providing them with a safe, secure, professional and simple solutions to cross border shopping and mail forwarding.

A unique AlfaSent address

Once you have registered with AlfaSent you will have a unique mailing address within the UK for all your purchases to be delivered to. This is a full street address and not a P.O.Box number. Whether you are buying a single item or multiple products you can have them shipped to your unique AlfaSent address.

Package Storage Plan

This allows you to store your packages at your unique UK address for up to 30 days for FREE. During this time we make sure that all your items remain secured in our warehouse facillity.

Package Management System

Free for all our members is our unique Package Management System which allows our members to see at a glance which of their purchases have arrived at their secure AlfaSent address. They are then able to choose which of their items they would like to forwarded to their home or office address or, if they would prefer, they can choose to have the items stored waiting for more purchases allowing them to consolidate multiple products into one low cost shipment.

Package Consolidation & Repacking

Whenever you have more than one box to ship we will repack and consolidate them for you free of charge. Perfect for customers who are shipping numerous purchases at once. Consolidating your items will save you money on your shipping charges.